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Fellow Trader,

By now you've seen my free videos. You've learned some of my high-probability price action setups.

Hopefully profited from some of the actionable trade setups I've sent you.
You should be beginning to understand how to read the story that unfolds on the charts... interpreting the nuances of every new bar of information.

And you can spot the subtle signs that a trend is about to run and run... or end soon.

Furthermore… as a smart trader you understand that ALL profitable traders have built a trading system that suits their goals and market beliefs.

That just “knowing technical analysis” and taking the trades that look good to you is going to send you broke like many before you. 

This is great… A very solid foundation.

But there is more. A lot more, actually.

I’d like to take you from good to great, in just two weeks.

Together let’s set a solid foundation for a long career of trading success… get rid of that leftover “stinkin thinking” all in one go. And equip you for the difficult road ahead.
From Good to Great
Finally...Get The Results You Have Worked So Hard For

In two short weeks of systematic learning you will become a true expert... nothing more to learn...EVER

But we won’t be covering all the things you already know… trendlines, head and shoulders, flags and pennants.

This is NOT a beginner course, and I assume you know the basics... If you don't... honestly this is not for you.

This course picks up where other learning leaves off... with the subtle signals in the price which take thousands of hours of experience to understand.

I will shortcut that journey and teach you every nuance and subtle signal that you simply cannot get with "beginner level" technical analysis.
I’m Scott Phillips and I make my living from the stock, futures and currency markets
(yes I can prove it). 

Since 2007 I’ve been a full-time trader. But for the first few years, I thought I was much better than I really was. I lost exactly $312,462 before finally making it all back (and then some) .

And more than just the money…
I lost time and created terrible trading habits which took years to repair.

I am still furious that so much trading advice is complete garbage.

Everyone wanted to sell me some expensive system or seminar, and NONE of them offered proof that it worked.

It seemed like none of them actually made money from trading.

Fortunately for me, I was later able to learn from some of the greatest traders of all time.
“I’m on a mission to help as many traders as I can”

I now earn my living trading (not selling courses or seminars). 

My accounts have compounded into roughly $2 million (and counting), by building trading systems with an edge.

Trading legends like Linda Raschke, Al Brooks, Van Tharp and Ed Seykota (from the market wizards books) taught me little known but highly accurate methods of “reading the tape” to find the best place to buy or sell.

Tape reading was popularised in the 1920’s by brilliant trader Jesse Livermore, who used it to become one of the richest men in America at that time.
“A prudent speculator never argues with the tape. Markets are never wrong, opinions often are” – Jesse Livermore
I use this “tape reading” skill to interpret the markets far more accurately than other forms of technical analysis.

Unlike lagging indicators and moving averages tape reading allows me to react far quicker. I get into promising trades and out of bad ones well before traditional methods.

Rather than waiting for support and resistance I spot the hidden clues that a market is about to breakout or remain range bound.

Instead of giving back profit by trailing a stop, I can identify the perfect time to get out of winning trades. I use this method to build trading systems which have made me millions.

I will teach you to use this method to design and test your own high probability trade entries. 

Most traders spend their whole careers using techniques they learned off someone else… wouldn’t you like to go beyond “copying other traders” and develop the skills to build your OWN setups that suit YOU?

This is what I posted the day after the 2016 election (you can check the date on my blog)

There are many hidden clues and “tells” like this in the charts.

Very occasionally, the odds are in your favour…. Then and ONLY then do you bet.

Because you have to understand that ALL indicators are lagging. 

Way before a moving average or an indicator tells us to buy there are always subtle signs that things are changing. Reading the charts without indicators is like taking the training wheels off your pushbike. I posted this several days ago regarding an open short trade on Gold Futures
If I was relying on a trailing stop to exit this trade I would have given back $2920 in profit for just one single futures contract (the smallest gold position possible).

If I was relying on a profit target that target would NEVER have been hit.

I was able to exit perfectly because I was examining each bar in context with what “should” be happening. I saw a bar that didn’t fit and immediately knew that something different was in play.

Can you see how reading the price action gives you earlier, more accurate trade entries and far better exits?
Before I Learned This Method I Lost a Shit Ton
Of Money
When I felt bearish I saw trendlines broken everywhere. As a result I would take terrible short trades. 

Truth is that I just felt bearish because the market was going up and I wanted to feel “smart” by picking a top.

That desire to be right... to feel smart… to “show those arrogant bulls” bit me in the ass. Every single time.

I would think I knew the future and go out and find technical analysis to support my view. I was just seeking a justification to take the trade.

I would also hang out on the internet with some of the worst traders in the world. At bear-central… places like slope of hope and zerohedge.. aka zero-edge.

Consoling myself that “I was still better than those guys” was poison.

None of the technical analysis that everyone believes is presented with any supporting evidence. You are supposed to take it on faith because “everybody uses it”. 

I would put an indicator on a chart, and notice the one time it worked and not the 3 other times it didn’t. I’d buy a market just because it was oversold and watch it continue down.

I was baffled by how when I was bullish I’d draw bullish trendlines and patterns, but when I was bearish I would see the opposite.

Truth is, I was just using my charts to justify taking the trades I wanted to take. It completely baffled me how I could work harder than I’d ever worked in my life … feel like I was actually getting pretty good... and yet I STILL LOST MONEY!

I thought I would stop losing money when I got better at technical analysis... but I lost even more when I thought I finally knew what I was doing. 

 You can finally say goodbye to confusion, frustration and inconsistent results. 
Many Advantages Over The Technical Analysis You Use Now
  • The single biggest factor in trading success (HINT: It’s not which stock you buy, when you enter, or how you take profits or size positions: Explain the benefit of your products
  • ​BETTER THAN HEAD AND SHOULDERS PATTERNS - Learn the little known “retest” patterns which occur at 92% of all turning points
  • Cut the learning process down by years and become a true expert… WITHOUT going down costly dead ends
  • The ONE, CRITICAL THING you must evaluate first on any chart
  • Why you can’t trust indicators all the time: When to use them and when to ignore them
  • Sneaky little tricks to tweak your win rate… the difference between winning and losing
  • What if you could know when to take a small profit and when to swing for the fences?
  • Powerful method of finding the exact “trigger point” which sets off the biggest moves
  • Understand WHY opening gaps get filled – and when they don’t!
  • A simple method of knowing if a trend is likely to continue or reverse
  • Secrets of Volatility Breakouts – Know in ADVANCE when a trading range is poised to break out and in what direction
  • The truth about technical analysis – It is not all created equal. Know which indicators and patterns are an edge and which will lose you money 

You Won't Find This On 
I know what you are thinking. 

Why should you pay for trading education? There are thousands of hours of video on the internet. Hundreds of blogs and websites and books. 

And sure, that’s true. Advice that’s either for raw beginners or from traders who NEVER MADE A DOLLAR IN THEIR LIFE. 

Technical analysis which is more like religion… completely without evidence… most of which is guaranteed to lose money in the long term.

Youtube is full of frauds with cherry picked winning trades… ignoring the losers is classic “loser thinking”

Sure you could take 5 years and figure out what is useful and what isn’t… but wouldn’t you like to save that wasted time and effort?

My Price Action Knowledgebase is a step-by-step instructional that will transform you into a true expert

It is complete… nothing more to learn… all in one place… every single thing I know about reading charts.

And a key concept I’ve never discussed ANYWHERE ELSE… Finally, for the first time I show how to use these price action principles to design your own high probability entry setups .
Here’s What Traders Like You Are Saying
An Incredible Price!!!
I'm very happy to be able to give you this at a truly breathtaking price.
The knowledge base is a video and PDF course that is designed to teach you every aspect of reading subtle clues in price charts.

Where other technical analysis courses start with trendlines, flags and pennants, head and shoulders.... This course does not even cover them. You can find that stuff on many free websites.

I assume you know all the standard beginner technical analysis.

This course picks up right where the other courses finish.

I teach you how to read the subtle signs in the charts you may not have noticed before... the hidden "tells" before a big move is about to explode.

Every new bar of price action gives you more information about the strength and psychology of buyers and sellers... I show you how to "read the tape" like an unfolding story... with an astonishing degree of clarity.

A series of 20 video lessons with a work along PDF for each lesson accelerates the learning process by breaking it into bite-sized chunks. 

Beyond expert support from actual professional traders to hold your hand every step of the way.
Bonuses To Accelerate Learning and Multiply Results
One Year of Monthly Big Picture Advisory.

Every month you get the big picture - a detailed long term analysis of every major market ($49 / month value). Stay in sync with the long term trends to make the big money.
Access to my closed-door elite Private Mastermind Group.
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Try It First, THEN Decide…

When you say yes today, you’re simply agreeing to TRY my work to see if you like it. 

You don’t risk anything and you can refund any time in the next 30 days….

No questions asked.

No fine print… no tricky rules… just ask for a full refund if your trading is not transformed.

And I’ll let you keep access to the course, as my way of saying “Thank you” for trying my product.
Why Am I Giving This Away So Cheaply?
Why am I giving this away so cheaply? Surely you’ve seen courses with a fraction of this knowledge for thousands of dollars?

I’ll be honest with you. It’s a sneaky marketing tactic.

My idea is that I sell you an amazing product at a loss, just to establish a relationship.

And that’s why I’m making it so cheap and essentially risk-free to try. You could view every one of my videos and still receive a full refund in 30 days if you don’t think this is for you.

In other words, by taking me up on this offer, you are agreeing only to TRY my method to see if you like it.

I’m hoping that this is the start of a beautiful friendship.  
In a perfect world I end up mentoring you and helping your journey. Or showing you my proprietary trading systems. Or sharing with you as equals, or perhaps learning new trade setups discovered by you.

I hope you will consider this seriously. I know in my heart it will be one of the best financial moves you ever make.

To get started click the BUY NOW button below, which will take you to a secure order form and you will have immediate access to the knowledgebase.

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Scott Phillips
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P.P.S. I’m sure some of you are thinking that you don’t need this… that you’ve been doing fine without it for years… maybe that you don’t want to learn new things.

But If you keep going as always gone you will get what you’ve always got.

Let’s be honest. If your results were that good you wouldn’t even be reading.

Don’t waste years of your life using trading techniques which might not be an edge. You could 
waste years still struggling, being inconsistent and always scared having to stop trading.

Don’t let that happen to you. Get THIS NOW... Don’t regret it soon when the price rises...again.
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