Introducing the Completely Revised and Greatly Expanded System Building Masterclass v2.0
Complete Rules for ALL of my Production Trading Systems

Massive Library Of Professional Systems From Other Pro Traders

A Step By Step Process For Designing, Testing, Optimizing and Implementing Highly Profitable Trading Systems

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Fellow Trader,
I've completely redesigned my System Building Masterclass for Version 2.0, adding 11 new systems with outstanding performance. Includes the the latest versions of all my own trading systems.

Full System Rules And Detailed Instructions (With Spreadsheets)
  • Thor Daily Trend Following System (designed by me)
  •  Crazy Ivan FX System (designed by me)
  •  Emini Daily Ivanylizer Stock Index Daily Chart System (designed by me)
  • Scalpius Mean Reversion System for Daily Charts (designed by me)
  • Bitcoin Mechanical System
  •  Altcoin Momentum System
  •  "Shadows Of Seykota" Trend Following System
  •  Failed Breakout Intraday FX System (5 minute chart FX System with some discretion)
  •  Daily Gap Stock Index System (new for v2.0)
  •  15m FX European Premarket FX/Dax system
  •  Protect-R plugin Exit Methodology For Marginal Edges
  •  Standard Momentum System v2.0 (new for v2.0)
  •  NR7 Stock System (new for v2.0)
  •  Failed Breakout System (FX/CFD/Futures)
  •  4hr Mechanical System (FX/CFD/Futures)
  •  Volatility Breakout System (Stocks) Averaging 3.8R/week
  •  Slot-In Bear Market System (when the bull market ends switch to this)
  •  Once-A-Month Core Rebalancing (for long term investing like retirement accounts. Actually manages the Retirement Accounts of Van Tharp Instructors!)
  •  Stock Mean Reversion Cookbook (many similar stock mean reversion systems)
  •  Intraday Stock Scalping System (3min charts) This is a very high performing system for expert traders with quite a lot of discretion taking 10-30 trades per day at expectancy .3. Widely traded by professionals but requires a lot of skill
New For Version 2.0 - Our Flagship Long Term System
The System Building Masterclass Standard Momentum System v2.0

For the first time all members get the FULL SOURCE CODE of the system for running either fully automated or semi automated

This is a push button, done-for-you solution returning 26% CAGR over the last 15 years
  • Once A Week Execution Makes it Easy To Sustain A Trading Business In the Long Term
  •  Based on Strongly Researched and Peer-Reviewed Momentum Effect So You Have Confidence In The Edge
  • System Exits All Positions to Cash In a Bear Market So You Don't Have to Be Anxious About Another 2008 Style Event
  •  Breathtaking Performance 26.6% CAGR from 2003-2018 with maximum drawdown 22%
Standard Momentum System 2.0
Also New for v2.0 - Scalpius Mean Reversion System
62% Win Rate System for Daily Charts
  • Trades Off Daily Charts So Your Work is Done in A Few Minutes A Day
  • For FX/CFD/Futures Markets So Can Be Traded By Small And Large Accounts
  • High Win Rate and Low Drawdowns Make This Emotionally Very Easy To Trade (Far Easier Than Trend Following)
  • ​Simple and Robust Ruleset Based On A Known Property Of Markets - Highly Unlikely The Edge Stops Working
You Will Save Yourself Huge Amounts Of Torment And Difficulty... Shortcutting Your Journey By Years
The reason most traders end up "learning some technical analysis" and just doing the best they can is because they don't know how to trade properly with a system.
Building a trading system is hard. There are blind alleys which can take years. There are frauds waiting to sell you the wrong information.
You have to avoid curve fitting... do enough backtesting (but how much is enough?)... make certain you have an edge... get position sizing correct... manage correlations and portfolio heat... and so much more.
Yes, it's a lot of work. I'm not going to feed you a pile of bull-plop. It's going to take you 3 months of work minimum, and most likely 6 months of work to conceive, design, test and implement a professional quality trading system.

You can buy a system, sure, or use one of mine. But you still have to do the hard work of testing it to make certain it's an edge. And the System Buidling Masterclass shows you exactly how.
Why should you finally stop taking the trades you like and start following a set of rules?
Most Profitable Traders Are Systematic Traders
It's Really That Simple
When I got honest with myself I could finally acknowledge the reasons I'd avoided system trading in the past.
I got into trading to have freedom of lifestyle, and I didn't want to feel forced to take trades I didn't like.
Deep down I didn't believe I could build a system with better results than "just reading the charts".
But I was totally wrong... To my subconscious what felt most important is whether the current trade was profitable... but what is TRULY important is the long term edge of my trading rules.
Did You Know That Some Of The Best Systems Still Give You the Freedom
To Pick And Choose Your Trades?
Market Wizard Van Tharp is probably the world's foremost expert in trading system design. He was the only trading coach featured in Jack Schwager's best-selling book, The Market Wizards: Interviews with Great Traders.
He told me many times that his opinion was that Discretionary System Traders make the best traders.
And I saw with my own eyes the results from his "super trader" group. In over 10 years nobody in his group has ever had to stop trading after a big drawdown.
Because you have to understand discretionary systems (which admittedly are far more difficult to trade) typically post returns in excess of 100%, they are the logical choice for any trader starting with a small account.
Don't worry... I will teach you the crucial differences between building and executing discretionary and pure mechanical systems in exhaustive detail. 
If You've Got 20 Minutes A Day
I Guarantee To Take the Confusion, Inconsistency and Fear Out of Your Trading
Last year I nearly died from kidney failure. And yet even in the ICU in hospital with a blood filled tube in my neck I could still execute my systems flawlessly... in just a few minutes from my hospital bed. Watch the video below to see how much easier full systematic trading can be.
Trading A System With A Strong Edge Has Many Advantages
  • The single biggest factor in trading success (HINT: It’s not which stock you buy, when you enter, or how you take profits or size positions)
  • Now you can get rid of "psychological issues" in trading once and for all. (trade with a system and 80% of psychology problems disappear)
  •  Cut the learning process down by years and become a true expert… WITHOUT going down costly dead ends
  • The ONE, CRITICAL THING you must establish before you build your system
  • Why all technical analysis isn't equal: How to test which indicators are legit
  • Sneaky little tricks to tweak your win rate on any system
  • What if you could know when to take a small profit and when to swing for the fences?
  •  Powerful method of finding the exact “trigger point” which sets off the biggest moves
  •  Backtesting - How much is enough? Do you have to use software to backtest
  • A simple method of building a mean reversion system in record time
  •  Secrets of Volatility Breakouts – Know in ADVANCE when a trading range is poised to break out and in what direction
  •  Now you can take an average system and transform it into an amazing system
Case Study: Massimo has built an outstanding system with the System Building Masterclass and is now a professional trader
Massimo took the System Building Masterclass and built a fantastic trading system. His results are excellent and he is now earning his living from the markets. Watch the Interview below where we talk about his process and his results.
Here's What Traders Like You Are Saying
An Unbelievably Good Launch Price
My previous Price Action Masterclass was a runaway success... and it inspired me to build something really amazing.
Be warned... this is pitched at an expert level. Beginner traders... sorry this probably isn't for you.
I’m going to give my loyal friends a better deal than you will ever see again
The System Building Masterclass Version 2.0
An expert-level instructional teaching every aspect of conceiving, testing, optimising, implementing and monitoring high-expectancy trading systems
If you previously purchased the Price Action Masterclass.... this course has more than TEN TIMES the content
Over 50 video's totalling over 12 hours of content. PDF workbooks and template spreadsheets as well. Example systems of every type.
Included are the rulesets from ALL my own systems, and every other system I know or have been taught.
This is the most complete work ever made on EVERY ASPECT of the system building process.
And just as importantly, I have included "deep dive" videos with incredibly detailed discussion of trend following systems, momentum systems, volatility breakout systems, pattern based systems and mean reversion systems.
  • Belief Examination Paradigm - exercise to rid yourself of unhelpful market ideas before they affect your system design
  •  Should I Automate: The pros and cons of full automation for both programmers and non-programmers
  • Edges - How to Find an Entry Setup With An Edge
  •  Which Market Should I Trade?
  • Comparison of Entry Techniques
  •  Choosing a Broker and Trading Software Package
  •  Selecting Realistic System Goals
  •  Detailed discussions of different Market Types and Their Critical Differences
  •  Building High Probability Systems Around Trend Days
  •  Testing Your Edge with Scatter Plots
  •  The One And Only Viable System Type For Binary Options
  •  Building Systems Around Opening Gaps
  •  Improving Intraday Systems with Tick Based Charts
  •  Practical Guide to Working up an Intraday FX System
  •  How Span of Control affects Trader Performance
  •  Can I use Trend Following Systems for Stocks?
  •  Deep Dive on Trend Following Systems
  •  Detailed Discussion of Designing Exit Rules
  •  System Optimisation Guidelines - When are you curve fitting?
  •  Practical Guide To Position Sizing
  •  Rapid Pen and Paper Prototyping
  •  Should I fully automate or not? (for most people they should NOT)
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Bonuses Which Will Accelerate And Amplify Your Results
When Building Your First Systems It Helps Enormously To See How Other Traders Did It

4 x 15 Minute live Consultations With Me.
Everybody needs help from time to time. While building or learning your system you have 4 free 15 minute skype sessions with me. A quick chat can often save a lot of time and provide an easy solution to a complicated problem. Just choose something off my Calendar and meet me online at the specified time. ($250 value)

Protect-R Exit Methodolgy.
Protect-R is an absolute MIRACLE for transforming weak and marginal systems into tradeable production systems. It can slot in to ANY intraday, daily, or weekly chart based system $999 value.

Practical Trading Psychology Video Course
There are lots of books that tell you about all the trading psychology mistakes you can make. However there are very few actual solutions offered. This is my exact premarket routine to get into optimal flow state for trading, as well as my self care routine for dealing with drawdowns and maintaining peak performance

Essential Trading Spreadsheets.
Pro Tip - When I built amazing spreadsheets trading became easy because the spreadsheets did most of the heavy lifting of keeping proper records (the hardest and most important task in trading). Included are spreadsheets for FX, Futures, and Stock Trading, and Edge Testing.
Here's What You Get

Lifetime Access to the System Building Masterclass
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Lifetime Access to Private Closed Door Mastermind Group
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All My Trading Systems AND My Complete Library Of Professional Systems ($13750 value)

4 x 15 minute one on one consultations with me to help you overcome sticking points in your journey ($250 value)
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Risk-Nothing, Keep Everything Guarantee
Try It First, THEN Decide…
If you go through the material and can’t build a trading system that makes money, then here is my guarantee.

I will spend up to 3 hours of my personal time with you trying to set you straight and help you towards the goal.

If, after that, you STILL cannot build and execute a positive expectancy trading system I will 

Real Testimonials You Can Verify
You are welcome to go to and check with these people (Quora has an excellent and expert trading community with active investment bank and hedge fund traders)
Lifetime Access to the System Building Masterclass ($2000 value)
Crazy Ivan System Complete Rules, Records and Trade Logs $13000 value)
Slot-in Bear Market System currently used by major Hedge Fund
($3000 value)
Exit System
($1000 value)
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Scott Phillips
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